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14:43 / 07.05.2016 793

Spainish people acquainted with the State program of Uzbekistan "Year of a healthy mother and child"

Round table dedicated to the implementation in Uzbekistan of the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child” was held in the Spanish city Toledo. The event was organized by the Embassy of our country in Spain in collaboration with the University Hospital HM Hospitales.

The representatives of Toledo’s social institutions, specialists, PhD students of the university clinic of HM Hospitales attended the meeting. They got acquainted with the goals and objectives of the State program, as well as with integrated activities of this program.

It was highlighted that the initiative of President Islam Karimov to declare the year 2016 as a year of a healthy mother and child became another important step in the consistent implementation of the concept of "Healthy mother - healthy child". It was stressed that the state program is a kind of "road map" to implement a consistent and systematic work carried out in the country for the continuous improvement of the health system. Particularly, the document provides the implementation of such objectives as improving the legislative system relating to the protection of family, motherhood and childhood; strengthening the material and technical grounds and human capacities of health facilities.

Director of Institutional issues of HM Hospitales clinic Maria Luisa Calderon in the interview with "Jahon" news agency said that: “Thanks to today's meeting we have got acquainted the huge attention paid in Uzbekistan to health issues, including relating to the formation of a healthy generation.  I am impressed of the consistency and coherence of the endeavors conducted in this particular direction. Your country is successfully moving towards achieving the main goals of the United Nations in the field of sustainable development, despite the fact that a very short historical period passed since receiving  Independence. Of course, a deep awareness of the concept of "healthy nation", which can not be formed without special attention to the protection of maternity and childhood, plays an important role in this process too.

The director of the University of Hospital Reproductive Center, Professor Isidoro Bruna noted that: “The World Health Organization defines "reproductive health" as a condition of complete physical, mental and social well-being rather than just absence of disease or infirmity… I would like to make some parallels between the definition of the State program of "Year of a healthy mother and child"and the main activities included in it. It should be noted that such an integrated approach to these issues is the most rational and promising approach, which will surely provide the highest results. It was nice to get acquainted with statistical data showing a substantial reduction of maternal and infant mortality in your country in recent years. Of course, without the consistent work made in Uzbekistan at the state level, it would be impossible to achieve such impressive figures”.

Source: Jahonnews.uz