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Apples for Export

Uzbekistan intends to significantly increase fruit production in the coming years through the introduction of modern technologies in agriculture. Intensive gardening is of special priority, as it provides maximum results at minimum terms.

Active introduction of intensive crop management, which allows increasing crop yields by 2-3 times in short terms, has been in progress throughout the country. For example, the period between planting seedlings and the first yield is generally 4-5 years in conventional fruit trees, while intensive horticulture provides yields on the second and third years.

Out of total 261.800 hectares of gardens in Uzbekistan, nearly 120,500 hectares are occupied by pome crops, 95% of which are apple. This means that about 44% of areas are occupied by apple gardens. Wide dissemination of this culture is conditioned by its high adaptability to various soil and climatic conditions, resistance and durability of the trees, high yields, as well as useful properties of fruits and high commercial value as a commercial product.

Therefore, experts developed a special package of measures on the development of apple horticulture. It is based on the practical guideline to growing apple trees by intensive technology under local conditions. It contains information on effective technologies of cultivation of intensive apple orchards, ranging from planting to harvesting and selling of finished products on the market. To assist farmers, the guideline suggests is a business plan on the establishment of an apple orchard in an area of ​​one hectare.

Specialists additionally developed ‘pocket cards’ on the main varieties of apple trees, diseases and pests, and provided tips on how to deal with them. Illustrated pocket-sized cards are a handy form of presenting reference information when needed.

Moreover, the farmers will be offered specialized trainings on gardening. It is expected that at least 400 farmers from six regions of Uzbekistan, including women, will advance their practical skills.

Experts believe that the ongoing measures will advance farmers’ knowledge on the cultivation of apple trees, introduction of modern technologies and increase of productivity due to the intensive gardening technologies. The innovations will provide opportunities for creation new jobs, and scaling up the competitiveness of the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan in the international market. 

Source: Jahonnews.uz