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Interests of the electorate is under the protection of deputies
14:54 / 14.05.2016

 Today, deputies make a worthy contribution to the development of the country and well-being of the population under the leadership of the President of our country. They solve problems of the population and control over execution of laws and local programs of socio-economic development and hear the reports of officers.
Today, 21 deputies in local councils of people's deputies and 129 deputies in the district and city councils based on the Charter and Program of the Party are conducting the significant work in this direction in Namangan region.

In particular, from the beginning of this year, deputies in local councils of people's deputies sent 24 and deputies in the district and city councils sent 97 deputy inquiries to the responsible organizations.

The regional council of the party during its activities is conducting various seminars and practical meetings in order to increase the efficiency of the deputy groups in local councils and the effective use of its authority.

Deputies of different levels carry out their work for the benefit of the electorate of the party and citizens are in close contact together and cooperate with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other partner organizations.


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