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Internet Communication Platform

The first online conference is taking place in Uzbekistan. It is devoted to new tendencies in teaching foreign languages within the system of continuous education. The real practices and development strategy are in the center of the participants’ attention.

The system of teaching of foreign languages in Uzbekistan has been radically changed in recent years. One of the directions of reforms was the emergence of the electronic scientific-methodological journal and “Uzbekistonda horijiy tillar” (Foreign languages in Uzbekistan) internet-portal (www.fledu.uz; www.journal.fledu.uz), which initiated holding the conference in the new distant format for the country. Those willing may join the www.conference.fledu.uz.

About 60 teachers fr om 13 higher educational institutions of Andijon, Samarkand, Bukhara, Namangan, Ferghana and Tashkent presented their reports for the conference. Four sections will work at the forum related to bоth theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages.

Papers at the conference are presented in two versions: videos and posters. The summary in the first version provides an opportunity to learn the content of the paper and choose its video option. The second option provides a printed option of the report, wh ere a reader may leave behind a comment or a question to the author.

A roundtable on the subject “Strategy of development of up-brining and education in modern society (on the example of UzSUWL – Uzbek State University of World Languages) in the video format is planned to be held on May 5 as part of the ongoing conference.

The conference participants will get acquainted with “video stream” information about the UzSUWL posted on the site www.conference.fledu.uz, in the preparation of which had taken part students of international journalism department. 

Source: Jahonnews.uz