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Tashkent to host practical business conference on export

18 May of the current year, the capital hotel Wyndham Tashkent will host a practical business conference on export. The theme of the upcoming business conference "Export of goods and services – time to act!" is especially actual in the conditions of development of the export potential of the Republic. During the event, experienced international speakers - Dmitry Dichkovsky, Igor Kachalov and Maximilian Foedinger will share the secrets of building a successful export strategies on practical examples from their own experience.

The theme of our first speaker, is particularly relevant for our region, given the vast number of textile enterprises in Uzbekistan. Dmitry Dichkovsky, who held the post of Director General  of the company "Milavitsa" for 11 years, will talk about the difficult but interesting path, which was taken by the company from privatization to a leading global brand. They will discuss the formation of the business model, preserving a strong industrial base and good people in a difficult transition period, the development of the product range and own retail network, development of consciousness of the owner of the team and much more.

Igor Kachalov, a successful consultant on marketing and management, will conduct a master class on "Marketing branding. New technologies that improve export capital.” He will closely examine the following issues:

How to assess the capacity of the export market and the potential of export sales of the brand;

Consumer trends today – how the buyer changes and what it will be tomorrow;

What are the names of the brands required by customers, how the names reduce costs and accelerate sales;

The role and place of brand in building sales: using colors and shapes, the number of design elements that have to be in sign and logo;

Examples of effective and disastrous branding solutions.

The speech of the third speaker Maximilian Foedinger - Austrian economist, trainer and conference speaker is devoted to issues of access to foreign markets. In his presentation, Maximilian will review the markets that are potential environment for the development of business in Uzbekistan. He will also share results of recent research that will help participants to understand what products for what markets are most attractive and will talk about the types of export strategies for different business sectors.

In the framework of the business conference, invited foreign experts will also hold a panel discussion, on the possibilities and options for application of international experience in the realities of our Republic, as well as other issues of the practical plan.

This event is especially important for business owners, exporting their products, managers and professionals involved in this field of activity, and everyone who is interested in the realization of products in foreign markets.

All participants will receive an official certificate of attendance to a business conference.

Source: Jahonnews.uz