The Council of Federation of Trade Unions has held a holiday undertaking devoted to the Day of Memory and Honors at the Republican pension of war and labor veterans.

Gifts were presented and material assistance rendered to residents of this medical and social establishment. A concert program with the participation of prominent performers was organized for them. Similar events were organized in every regions of the republic, specifically, at the “Sakhovar” and “Muruvvat” homes. Lonely people and people with disabilities received bоth moral and material support.  

The Trade Union activists also visited the families of participants in the World War II and labor veterans. For example, in Tashkent they went to see 95-year-old Mukhtor Rasulov and 96-year-old Akhmad Jabborov and presented them with holiday gifts.

Within the framework of the event “Trade Unions to veterans” 2214 participants in the World War II living in different regions of the country received targeted assistance. 350 veterans had taken part in the excursions along the historical cities and places of interest of the republic, and got acquainted themselves with the creative work carried out during the years of independence.

The Trade Union activists paid visits to families of 217 defenders of Motherland who lost their lives while performing their military duty and rendered them material help. 900 participants in the war and labor front were able to improve their health at the Trade Union sanatoria on account of the State budget. The primary Trade Union organizations of the enterprises, establishments and institutions organized for them visits to theaters.

The undertaking “Trade Unions to Veterans” is still marching on along the country.