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12:27 / 22.05.2016 860

How the Localization Program is being Implemented

The problems of supporting national manufacturers and modernization of branches of industry have been discussed in detail in the course of the round table on the subject “The role of localization projects and small businesses participation in securing the internal market with quality consumer commodities” organized by the Uzbek Liberal Democratic Party (UzLiDeP).

Members of the party group of the Tashkent City Kengash (Council) of People’s deputies speaking at the event noted the need of undertaking concrete moves on the improvement of production performance indicators at 17 major industrial enterprises, which reduced their production volumes on the results of their last year activities; achieve positive indicators at enterprises, which reduced the retail trade volumes, especially in the sphere of providing paid services.

It was noted that the party’s deputy corps, responsible agencies and executive bodies conduct systematic activity on the elimination of shortcomings revealed within the localization program monitoring. Specifically, the deputies’ groups sent out more than 60 parliamentary inquiries by the 1st of May 2016. 14 officials presented information on their activities at the deputy group’s meetings and several issues were discussed at the deputies’ initiatives at the sessions of the Tashkent City Kengash of People’s deputies. The majority of the meetings are aimed at protecting the interests of entrepreneurs and business people and in support of national manufacturers.

Source: Jahonnews.uz