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12:20 / 22.05.2016 1192

Uzbekoziqovqatholding hold to implement projects for US$596m

Uzbekoziqovqatholding (Uzbek Food Holding) is planning to realize 180 investment projects for total sum of US$596 million in 2016-2020.
About 74 projects of them will be conducted due to foreign investment and loans of international financial establishments for US$163 million.

According to the company, it is planned to realize 108 projects for US$428.7 million and carries out active work on their implementation.

Uzbekoziqovqatholding is planning to create trade-logistic centers, which will store, processing and export of fruits and vegetables.

Currently, lands were allocated in11 regions of Uzbekistan. The project initiators are developing documents on construction of the trade-logistic centers.

Source:  Uzdaily.com