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About Tashkent with Love
11:26 / 28.05.2016

The Art UzPromotion Agency has staged a rare genre in the cultural life of the capital city, “My Tashkent” musical comedy, about the residents of a neighborhood in the capital city.

There are three huge screens and a couple of benches with street lamps on the stage of the “Istiqlol” Palace. The changing panorama on the display creates the necessary atmosphere, that of joy and sadness. The main parts are played by actors and variety singers. They all have performed perfectly well the parts of their new theatrical characters.

The musical focuses on the one of the capital city’s makhallas. The charm of the production is in its unique originality. There are thousands of such makhallas in the city and throughout the country! Life stories, the heroes’ emotions, hopes and dreams are identical for all Uzbekistanis. The musical performance is imbued with love for the native city and for the people of the country. Besides, it also reminds the spectators how beautiful the sunny Tashkent is and charged them with positive energy of dances and live performance of well-known retro songs.

The production directors of the musical – brothers Khusan and Khasan Solikhovs – are known well to art lovers of the capital city by their no less successful New Year play “The Snow Queen”. Composer Adkham Abduraimov, artistic director of the variety studio “Aladdin” Rustam Khamroqulov and chorographer Natalya Zakhalskaya had also taken part in this project.

The spectators enjoyed the musical for merely three days and, judging by ovations, it is highly likely that it will come back. 


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