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12:13 / 28.05.2016 568

The Most Exemplary Family

The “Milliy tiklanish” Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (DPU) held a regional stage of the republican competition “The happiness of families is the result of independence” in the capital city.

Its participants – winners of the contest in the capital city, Tashkent and Samarkand regions – presented scenes about family values, national traditions and customs. They answered questions on the role of family in bringing up a harmoniously developed generation and spoke about their families.

The Toychievs family was announced the winner of the contest. They will take part at the national stage of the competition.

“The strength of family depends on peace and reconciliation between parents,” said winner of the contest Shavkat Toychiyev. “The unique values of the Uzbek family are manifested in sincere relations among representatives of different generations, in conditions of reciprocity, respect, reverence and dignity. Traditions of respect and reverence for their parents, and in its turn, the parents’ desire to bring up their children as harmoniously developed personalities, create necessary conditions for their future, have acquired new content during the years of independence, which were enriched with the ideas of national independence and all these find their embodiment in the life of modern families.”

Source: Jahonnews.uz