The resolution of the Government of Uzbekistan approved the Concept of development of the Tashkent Zoological Park for 2016-2020.

The plan of measures on realization of the concept includes:

- reconstruction of local boiler system, hot and cold water system, heating, electricity supply, gas supply, as well as enclosures of the zoo in accordance with international requirements for keeping wild animals in captivity;

- construction of enclosures and "Aquarium" at the zoo;

- creation of the territory of the zoo of additional facilities for visitors, including children's entertainment areas with modern attractions, a cafe with wi-fi zones;

- acquisition of two electric vehicles for the organization and carrying out excursions to the zoo;

- creation of a modern research complex for the development of faunistic studies, as well as the laboratory of Zoology and Zooengineering;

- introduction of the global program for accounting and inventory of animals by chipping;

- creating a database and compiling studbooks of zoo animals;

- implementation of measures for smooth transition to the modern technologies on breeding and incubation of valuable and rare animal breeds through artificial insemination;

- acquisition of modern equipment for the organization of the audio guide in the zoo;

- installation of electronic turnstile system using the touch barriers and fences through the purchase of the ystem includes complex of equipment for customer registration, staff time and ensure the safety of the zoo, etc.

The decision entrusted the Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the development of proposals for the construction of branches of the Tashkent zoo in the cities of Samarkand and Ferghana, as well as the reconstruction of the zoo in the city of Termez.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been recommended to ensure the timely conversion of the funds needed for the purchase of specific biologics, vitamins, feed, equipment, accessories and supplies to equipment that are not produced in the country, as well as exotic animals.

In addition, the National airlines "Uzbekistan Airways" has been committed to provide the zoo transportation discounts in the amount of 10% of the published freight tariffs.

The Tashkent zoo was established in 1924 on the initiative of the zoologists of the Central Asian University. In 1994 by order of the Cabinet of Ministers, the construction of a new zoo has begun, that meet modern requirements and international standards. In 1997, on occasion of the independence day of the Republic - September 1 – it was put into operation, located near the Bоtanical garden of the city. Its territory now covers an area of 21.5 ha. Today it is home to more than 7 thousand species of exotic, rare, endangered species of animals, birds and fish.