The regional stage of the Ishbilarmon Ayol – 2016 contest has taken place in Andijon, eastern Uzbekistan. 

The event held by the regional council of the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – The Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan in cooperation with other organizations under the slogan of “My life, my destiny – my native unique Uzbekistan” was attended by active members of the party, deputies of the regional, town and city councils, businesswomen and employees of mass media. 

It has been said that special attention is being paid under the leadership of the country’s President to further raising women’s role and status in society’s life and supporting their aspirations and initiatives. 

The presidential decree dated 25 May 2004 “On additional measures to support the activity of the Uzbekistan Women’s Committee” is an important guidance document in this sphere. 

During the contest, 16 participants displayed their knowledge and skills on such requirements as creating new jobs through setting up production facilities, the production of export-oriented goods, the provision of services for the population and active participation in party events. 

Madina Abduraimova of Andijon city was declared the winner, and she is through to the republican stage of the contest.