A photo exhibition of graduates of the creative studio-school under the Tashkent House of Photography, which was dedicated to the Year of a healthy mother and child, opened in Tashkent. 

In our country, special attention is paid to increasing the spirituality of the younger generation, upbringing and educating them in a spirit of respect for national traditions and values, demonstrating talent. 

The creative studio-school for 10 years creates the conditions for youth, who are interested in the art of photography, to participate in practical exercises, familiarize with the work of their peers, share experiences. 

At the current exhibition, photographers such as Madina Islomova, Oynisa Azimhujaeva, Irina Suhina, Bekzod Rahimjonov, Jamol Sandiboev, Aziz Foziljonov, Vladimir Zavodov, Georgiy Chankov, Bogdan Yumatov presented about 200 creative works. The photographs depicted the beautiful nature of our country, sincere and hard-working people, the results of ongoing work on the development of culture and art. 

Source: Uza.uz