Brussels hosted a briefing on the upcoming elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in December of this year.

The event is attended by representatives of the official institutions in Belgium, the European Uni on institutions, analytical and research centers, as well as the media in the Benelux countries.

During the meeting participants have been informed in detail about the consistent and extensive work to prepare for this important political event ongoing in our country.

Special attention of the audience has been drawn to radical reforms carried out in the sphere of improvement of electoral legislation in recent years, which serve as a solid basis for conducting elections in an atmosphere of equality, transparency, in full compliance with the country's laws, the basic norms and principles of international law.

It is noted that Uzbekistan has created a stable and dynamic political system, bicameral parliament working on a professional basis, the necessary organizational, legal, material and technical conditions for a free and active participation of citizens and political parties in solving the most important problems of socio-economic development and social construction.

Participants have emphasized that all this is a clear reflection of the practical results of democratic reforms, implemented in Uzbekistan in order to protect the rights, freedoms and interests, to build a democratic state and strong civil society.

Gathered guests have also familiarized with measures undertaken in the country on further ensuring stable rates of economic development, finance and banking and credit system, improving the industrial and agricultural potential of the country, introduction of advanced technologies.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the carried out work on social support of the population, the growth of real incomes of citizens, and enhancing the quality of education, health and sports.

Information, presented at the briefing, has caused great interest among the audience, who have given a positive evaluation on the effectiveness of the reforms in Uzbekistan in the development of the electoral process, strengthening the constitutional status and independence of the Central Election Commission, as well as expansion of its powers.

The participants have agreed that the upcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan will undoubtedly be an important step towards the further implementation of democratic reforms.

In particular, the European Parliament consultant, former MP of Frank Schwalbach-Hot has noted that since independence under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan has achieved great successes bоth in internal development as well as in the international arena.

- The Uzbek society has formed a high political culture, - the politician said. - Citizens are well aware that their own present and future depend on their own votes, will and desire. The responsibility of every member of society for their country - this is what distinguishes Uzbekistan today at the present stage of socio-political life.

Participation of candidates from different political parties in the elections of the President of Uzbekistan is important from the point of view of ensuring democracy and equality of this important political process. Voters are given the opportunity to sel ect and support a particular candidate who expressed their views and defends their interests. This is one of the fundamental principles of the free will of the people, contributing to the strengthening of a monolith of the state and its further successful development towards democracy.

In turn, the representative of the European Commission Lukas Maurer has noted that today Uzbekistan is a key state in Central Asia, the development of which is closely monitoring by the international community.

- Today’s briefing testifies the growth of interest to Uzbekistan in Europe, - said the expert. - Macro-economic indicators of the country in recent years are impressive and can serve as an example for many European countries.

I would especially like to emphasize the importance of taken measures in your country to improve the living standards of the population, the creation of the necessary conditions for them to participate actively in the political life of the country.

The fact of the nomination for the presidency of Uzbekistan candidates from all political parties is a direct result of reforms to further democratization and liberalization of society, based on the Constitution.

It attaches special attention that foreign experts and representatives of international organizations will carry out the monitoring of the progress of the preparation and holding of presidential elections, which once again demonstrates the openness of Uzbekistan and compliance with the generally accepted norms and standards.

Solidarity of Uzbek people and responsible attitude to participate in important political events lead to the conclusion that the forthcoming elections will be conducted at a high voter turnout.

Chairman of the European Social Fund ASBL Hu-Man Aurelius Herkel has underlined the particular importance of the election of the President of Uzbekistan to further enhance the stability, harmony in society, consistent continuation of reforms and the country's modernization process.

- The media play significant role in their conduct in accordance with the democratic principles of openness, publicity and transparency. In this regard, it is encouraging to note that the representatives of international and local media are invited to cover the course of preparation and conduct of elections.

All this testifies the fact that Uzbekistan has firmly and consistently follows the path of democratic development. So I am sure that the upcoming elections will be successful.