Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent LLC Foreign Enterprise is organising the International Uzbekistan Cloud Summit 2016 on November 10, 2016. As a foremost event, it brings together top specialists, analysts, and potential users to exchange information, experience and opinions about the most popular trend in ICT — Cloud Computing.

The participants will discuss how cloud technologies can help promote the efficiency, productivity and innovation in Uzbekistan. Cloud computing, which includes telecommunications, private, and public cloud systems, are seen as revolutionary technologies capable of shaping business telecommunications, the internet, and most of industry markets.

Through the abstraction and aggregation of computing, as well as cloud storage of data and network resources, large computing capacity is available anywhere and anytime, without much expenses or long hardware purchase and deployment time. This makes cloud services more flexible and accessible compared to their conventional equivalents. While the construction, development, and commission of a complex network may take years of work, cloud computing ensures that such work is done in minutes in a series of clicks.

In another example, small local companies can place their software in clouds, so as to enable Uzbek and international users to access and use their services.

“Based on open and flexible cloud technologies, Huawei is willing to discuss with industry partners the possibility of building an open cloud ecosystem. Through this system, large telecom companies, local software developers and national content providers (Media and OTT companies) could work together to provide more localised and timely services for the population and to develop the national ICT industry,” said Wang Peng, CEO of Huawei in Uzbekistan.