18:03 / 24.10.2017

On 18 October, the Board of Directors of EBRD unanimously approved the financing of the first two projects which are to be implemented in Uzbekistan.

The first project concerns the credit line for the NBU FEA in the amount of 100 million U.S. dollars. Of these, 70 million dollars are channeled for funding borrowers of small and medium businesses and 30 million dollars will be used to support trade financing. The purpose of this loan is to improve the ability of the medium-term financing of small and medium-sized businesses, including in the regions of the country.

In the framework of the second project, 10 million dollars will be allocated for JV "Agromir Juice", which is specialized in the production of juices, juice concentrates, vegetable pastes etc. This loan will be utilised within the construction of a modern warehouse complex in Samarkand region. It will facilitate the introduction of a unified system of management and increase the productive efficiency of the company.

Projects approved by the EBRD will be signed during the visit of First Vice-President of the European Bank F. Bennett, scheduled for early November this year.

Source: jahonnews.uz