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14:47 / 05.12.2018 567

Customs officers detained illegal import of drone and other products in Tashkent region

Customs Officers of Tashkent region have revealed several attempts of smuggling of banned products, the press service of the State Customs Committee reported.

In particular, citizen Z. A. entered the border customs post “Yallama” driving his “Nexia” automobile. He was suspected by the customs officers. 

The suspect was involved in an oral interrogation. Then his hand luggage was examined with the participation of attesting witnesses. It was found out that he was importing 1 drone – a remote flying device (worth 5.3 million sums), whose import is forbidden without a prior permission of the government, 1 electro-shocker, and 14 bottles of cognac and whiskies. 

At the border customs point “Gishtkuprik”, pedestrian Kh. T. was carrying 342 sunglasses in 19 different types (worth 6.8 million sums) hidden in his hand luggage. The goods were beyond the set standards and not declared in advance.

The same post officers suspected another citizen A. Sh. of having something illegal. He was checked with the participation of attesting witnesses. As a result, it was identified that he was importing 48 units of mobile communication devices worth 2.4 million sums without notifying in the customs declaration. 

Customs inspection is underway on these cases.