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22:34 / 15.12.2018 378

Uzavtosanoat issues shares worth 529.95 billion soums

According to the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Assistance to Privatized Enterprises and Development of Competition, Uzavtosanoat, Uzbekistan’s carmaker, has registered an additional issue of shares for 529.95 billion soums.

As of December 2018, Uzavtosanoat’s total value of accounted shares grew by almost 60% and reached the mark of 1.41 trillion soums.

“The securities of 602 joint stock companies were taken into account at the Central Securities Depository, the total volume of which amounted to 6,150 trillion with a nominal value of 58.81 trillion soums,” the Committee noted.

A large majority of corporate bonds in Uzbekistan fell on the share of commercial banks. According to the Committee, the Central Securities Depository accounted for 500,000 corporate bonds totaling 198.06 billion soums, of which 450,000 bonds or 148.06 billion soums were issued by only three commercial banks - Uzsanoatqurilishbank, Kapital Bank and National Bank of Uzbekistan.