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11:30 / 24.12.2018 2179

“All dilapidated housing in Tashkent to be replaced with new buildings” – Abdulla Aripov

All dilapidated housings in Tashkent will be demolished and new houses will be built as replacement. On Saturday, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov spoke about it at the reporting-election conference of the Women's Committee. According to him, it was ordered by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Speaking about the rapid development of the construction sector, the head of government referred to the words of Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Architecture and Construction - head of the State Inspectorate for architectural-construction supervision Kozim Tulyaganov.

“Kozim Tulyaganov, head of the trust “Toshkentqurilish” presented the following figures yesterday: We were able to utilize 5 million square meters of land plot for housing in Uzbekistan. The year is not over yet and we have already exceeded the expectations,” Abdulla Aripov said.

According to the PM, the president ordered to build new comfortable houses instead of dilapidated housing in the capital during his trip around the city on Friday.

“The president gave us a strict instruction to demolish all old, dilapidated houses in Tashkent, which have no sewage or other facilities and build new houses with all the necessary conditions replacing them,” the Prime Minister noted.

Mr. Aripov said that the president had reproached him during the inspection of houses in Sergeli district of the capital for the absence of washing machines in the houses.

He also added that more than 3,000 highly qualified builders, who worked at Olympic facilities in Sochi, are currently engaged in the construction of “Tashkent City”.