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20:55 / 07.01.2019 669

Uzbek Ministry of Education refuses to invite Russian teachers to schools of Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan refused to invite Russian teachers to schools of Uzbekistan, Kun.uz correspondent reports referring to the statement by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tyurdenev.

It should be noted that earlier such an initiative was successfully implemented in Tajikistan, where a group of teachers from a number of Russian cities was sent to teach Russian, mathematics, computer science, physics, biology and chemistry.

According to Mr. Tyurdenev, the Ministry explained its refusal by the fact that there are a large number of Russian-language schools in Uzbekistan, so it will be extremely difficult to cover them all, and this will cause a kind of dissonance in terms of distribution of personnel.

“We made a proposal to the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan. They thought for a long time, but then refused. But I note that there was a certain logic in the refusal - the emphasis should be placed on training teachers here in Uzbekistan. As a fair alternative, the ministry offered to increase the number of teachers sent to Russia for training courses, as well as for re-training at Russian centers in the republic,” the ambassador said.

Earlier, the head of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Uzbekistan Viktor Shulika noted that Russia offered to send significantly more teachers to Uzbekistan than to Tajikistan.

“Russia was ready to pick up qualified teachers, pay them a certain salary. The pre-requisites from the local side was not that demanding. We only asked for housing and the necessary conditions for work,” said Shulika.