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19:47 / 21.01.2019 215

MPE implements a project to prevent bullying at schools

Deputy Minister of Public Education of Uzbekistan Otabek Nazirov received an acting head of the UNESCO office Pilar Álvarez Laso. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues related to the launch of a project to prevent bullying among schoolchildren, the press service of the Ministry of Public Education (MPE) informed. 

The project is aimed at preventing such incidents at public education schools and will be implemented jointly with UNESCO in 2019-2020. As part of this initiative, a number of practical and theoretical activities will be held for psychologists and school teachers, including trainings and seminars to identify persecution factors. Also, recommendations will be developed for their prevention.

According to the results of the work carried out, a methodological manual for teachers on “Preventing bullying at educational institutions” will be developed. The methodology will provide guidance on effective resolution of conflicts and instilling leadership skills among children. This project is one of the first steps taken by the Ministry of Public Education attracting the experience of international partners.

In addition, during the talks, the parties discussed possible areas of cooperation and implementation of joint projects with the involvement of other international organizations and donors on developing inclusive education, enhancing the potential of the staff of the public education system, etc.

The Ministry has set up a group for implementing this project and launched a Telegram-bot (@xtvabbot). It will be possible to obtain additional information about the MPE programs for preventing bullying in schools with the help of this bot.

Bullying is an English word which means “maltreatment”. This concept includes intentional, constant harassment among children, in which the inequality of the insulter’s forces is clearly visible. This phenomenon is not a new problem and is highly relevant throughout the world, including Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Public Education noted.