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14:57 / 22.01.2019 366

Impostors create a website-twin of Uzcard to collect the data of cardholders

Fraudsters have created a website-twin of the Uzcard payment system and collected data of plastic cardholders.

“Dear Uzcard cardholders, we warn you that we have recorded a cyber-fraud using the brand Uzcard. The unknown users, having copied the interface of our official website uzcard.uz, introduced themselves as Uzcard payment system and announced a joint promotion with WEBSUM,” an official website of the payment system reported.

According to the advertising text, the promotion allowed all participants to increase the amount of money by a few percent, but in return, users had to enter their card number, select the amount from which the return percentage would be calculated.

“We declare with complete responsibility that this promotion has nothing to do with the activity of the Uzbank interbank payment system. At the moment, an investigation has been launched on the incident, its result will be reported as soon as possible,” the company stated.

It should be noted that customers are asked to pay attention to the domain name. Domains uzcard.org, uzcard.com, uzcard.info, etc. do not have any official relations to the Uzcard.