17:19 / 26.02.2019
Uzbekistan intends to improve in global rankings

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures aimed at improving Uzbekistan’s position in global rankings and indices”.

Criteria and indicators of priority international ratings are defined as part of the monitoring system, allowing to measure management quality and policy effectiveness, assess transformation processes occurring in the country and develop priority directions for reforms based on research results, the document notes.

As the initial stage for the formation of the monitoring system, the country's research institutes will be assigned the following tasks:

• determining methodological and other components of international ratings, identifying the main factors causing Uzbekistan to lag behind in international ratings and introducing necessary changes to our current legislation;

• developing national indices based on criteria and indicators of priority international ratings for self-assessment;

• conducting an expert analysis of projects and existing legal acts to identify standards that impede raising the country's position in international ratings, as well as developing relevant recommendations based on the analysis;

• forming databases containing information on the development trend of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the respective ratings, as well as recommendations and best practices of foreign countries in the areas assessed;

• carrying out a systematic analysis of existing practical problems that hamper improving the position of Uzbekistan in priority international ratings, developing proposals for their resolution;

• establishing cooperation and a constructive dialogue with experts from international organizations, rating agencies and academic institutions;

• conducting opinion polls to identify problems and study the situation in relevant sectors, as well as informing the public and international rating agencies about the fundamental changes in various sectors that occurred as part of the implementation of large-scale reforms in the country.

The head of state instructed to create until April 1, 2019 a single portal “The Republic of Uzbekistan in international ratings”, which includes annual reports on international ratings, as well as recommendations from international organizations and experts on improving the state of affairs in relevant areas, indicating the timing of studies and publication.

The portal will also post information on best practices of foreign countries on indicators of international ratings, the results of public opinion polls, as well as sociological and scientific research on relevant areas of ratings. It will also provide comprehensive information on each indicator, including statistical, on the form of international questionnaires ratings.