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Population of Uzbekistan grows old faster than people of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

The population of Uzbekistan will start aging at about 58. In Tajikistan, Belarus and Georgia, people get old at 60, in Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Lithuania – 61.

A study by the International group of scientists, published in the Lancet Prestigious Medical Journal, is indicative of this. Authors of the study learned how quickly aging-associated diseases of the population of different countries develop.

Authors of the study have developed a unique method for determining the aging parameters of the population. They have determined the average age at which people begin to face diseases common to the elderly. The list of such diseases includes Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, hypertension, cataract and glaucoma.

The average age by the development of aging-associated diseases is 65. In Russia, it is much lower – 59, researchers note. This is lower than the retirement age for men after the 2018 reform.

According to the results of research, the population of Japan (76,1 years), Switzerland (76,1), France (76) and Singapore (76) start to get old much later compared to other countries. Premature aging mainly occurs among the population of Papua New Guinea (45,6), Marshall Islands (51) and Afghanistan (51,6).