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Russia eyes to solve demographic problems by attracting citizens from Uzbekistan and 3 other countries

Photo: RIA news agency

The Kremlin has formed structures that should provide more people moving from neighboring countries to Russia, Kommersant reports.

According to the publication, it is planned to increase the number of Russian citizens by 5-10 million people in the next five years. Most donors are Russian-speaking countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova. 

The publication notes that the legislative work in this area has already begun – in addition to a new conception of migration policy, civil laws are already being developed and adopted.

In December 2018, the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin announced Russia's economic growth was restricted due to demographic problems. According to him, the statistical data show that the demographic situation has become a major problem and trends formed in the 1990s have a negative impact on the economy.

Since beginning of this year, Russia has launched a national project “Demography”, which will last until 2024. It is planned to allocate 3,5 trillion rubles for implementation of the project. It includes the following federal projects: 

“Financial support for families in childbirth”;

“Establishing kindergartens – assisting in women employment”;

“Big generation”;

“Strengthening the public health”;

“New physical culture of the population”.

Earlier it was reported that Uzbekistan was a leader by the number of migrants in Russia.