15:46 / 19.03.2019
Mothers having insufficient experience for retirement as a result of disabled childcare to be paid pensions

Some amendments and additions were made to government decisions (No.229, March 18, 2019), the telegram channel of the Ministry of Justice reports.

According to the addendum, mothers – who have children with disabilities, who do not have appropriate work experience, will be granted social benefits when they reach 55 years old.

This pension is appointed on the basis of a medical referral of the Medical Advisory Commission on the disability of a child.

In accordance with the law, disabled persons of groups I and II, pensioners or people receiving social allowances for the loss of a breadwinner were not paid pensions due to the fact that they had a paid job or other source of income.

This resolution has abolished the above-mentioned procedure. That is, the pension will be fully paid irrespective of whether the beneficiary is engaged in other income-generating activities or not.