BUSINESS | 22:00 / 03.04.2019
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GM Uzbekistan exports first batch of cars to Belarus

On April 3, GM Uzbekistan exported the first batch of vehicles to Belarus, the press service of the company reported.

Belarus will be exported models Nexia R3 and R4. Previously, the company sent Nexia R3 cars for a large-unit assembly at the “SariarkaAvtoProm” plant in Kostanay city (Kazakhstan), as well as the finished R4 models to “Ravon Motors Kazakhstan”. 

Since the beginning of this year, cars have been exported to Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The company recalled that they had announced the year 2019 as the Year for development of export potential. In connection with this, they will continue to work to attract new export markets.

However, March 2019 was the consequent 9th month for the absence of Ravon cars on the Russian market. During this time, the company's market share dropped to 0%. The lack of sales is associated with the new policy of the company - it has been decided to abandon the export of cars at low prices.

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