12:10 / 19.04.2019
Three boxers from Uzbekistan to compete today at the Asian Boxing Championships in Bangkok

The Asian Boxing Championships kicks off in Bangkok today. On the first day of the tournament, three boxers from Uzbekistan will compete - Shunkor Abdurasulov, Bobousmon Boturov and Yodgoroy Mirzayeva.

The following is the list of our compatriots’ opponents and the approximate time the bouts will take place:

- 64 kg: Shunkor Abdurasulov - Karrar Aal Ezirej (Iraq) (13:45)
- 69 kg: Bobousmon Boturov - Otgonbaatar Byamba-Erdene (Mongolia) (16:15)

- 57 kg: Yodgoroy Mirzayeva - Krishmi Dharmathilake (Sri Lanka) (17:30).