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Tajikistan supplies Uzbekistan with 6.2 million kW/h electricity daily

Photo: telegraph.co.uk

Daily, Tajikistan exports 11 million kW/h of electricity to neighboring countries. The highest share falls on Uzbekistan. For example, on May 1, 6.2 million kW/h of electricity was supplied to our country, Avesta reports about it.

In Afghanistan, this indicator accounts for about 4.5 million kW/h. Also, Kyrgyzstan is exported 40,000 kW/h of electricity.

Currently, in Tajikistan, 53-55 million kW/h of electricity is being produced every day, depending on weather conditions and demand.

Earlier it was reported that Tajikistan plans to increase electricity exports to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan this year.

According to the preliminary agreement, it was planned that the neighboring countries would receive about 3.2 billion kW/h of electricity, that is, 1.6 billion kW/h for each of them.

According to the OJSC Barqi Tojik, last year Uzbekistan was exported 1 billion 480 million kW/h of electricity at a price of $2 per kilowatt.