15:30 / 04.05.2019
Uzbekistan to develop concept of continuous spiritual education
Photo: Depositphotos

Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a Decree “On additional measures to improve the effectiveness of spiritual and educational work”.

According to the document, the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, together with the ministries of Pre-School Education, Public Education, Higher and Secondary Special Education, Health and the Scientific-Practical Research Center “Oila”, within three months, were tasked to develop and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft concept of continuous spiritual education.

The draft concept should include:

- scientifically based indicators for assessing spiritual education;

- forms of effective use of national methods of child upbringing and advanced achievements of modern pedagogy;

- mechanisms for establishing effective cooperation of the family, educational institutions, makhallas, the media and other public structures in the formation of spiritual education;

- a system of continuous spiritual education, which provides for a continuous increase in the knowledge and skills of pupils and their educators;

- the beginning of the formation of spiritual education from the period of pregnancy and the atypical features of education at each stage;

- spiritual education on the principles of consistent development and continuity.

In addition, the center, together with the republican council for coordinating the activities of citizens' self-governing bodies, the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications, and the Scientific-Practical Research Center “Oila”, has been tasked within two months to develop and submit to the Republican Council a draft method for determining and addressing the social -the spiritual climate in society.