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20:15 / 08.05.2019 434

Ministry of Public Education received 918 complaints in January-March 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, the Ministry of Public Education (MPE) received 918 applications from individuals and legal entities.

According to the press service of the Ministry, this figure is more by 273 compared to the same period last year. It also indicates that citizens are not indifferent to the reform of the education sector, and their confidence in the Ministry has increased.

186 of appeals (95 in 2018) stated that some leaders are incompatible with their positions, 124 (43 in 2018) are about non-pedagogical activities, 114 (in 2018, 84) – issues of refurbishing, repairing and equipping educational institutions.

At the same time, the analysis of provinces shows that the highest number of complaints accounted for Kashkadarya region – 150 (114 in 2018), Tashkent – 122 (107 in 2018) and Samarkand region – 106 (63 in 2018).

414 of these appeals were taken under control and in 110 of them, appropriate measures were applied. 226 appeals were provided explanations, 11 were denied and 67 are still being considered.

In the first quarter of 2018, the administration and ministerial senior officials received 198 oral requests, the number of complaints received during the same period in 2019 increased by 309.

In 2018, 22 complaints, on the unfairness of “Knowledge contest” and the Science Olympiads held among pupils, were received. As a result of the Ministry's efforts to ensure transparency and creation of a fair system, the number of complaints in 2019 was reduced by 3 times.