20:10 / 10.05.2019
Student from Uzbekistan burned to death in South Korea

A student from Uzbekistan died in a fire in South Korea, another was injured suffered second-degree burns, the MFA press service said.

According to the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Republic of Korea, on May 9 in Seoul, in the apartment where students from Uzbekistan Mutal Yuldashev (born 1997) and Farrukh Muminov (born 1996) lived, a fire broke out, as a result of which F. Muminov died on the spot. M. Yuldashev suffered second-degree burns and was taken to the hospital of Hanil to provide emergency medical care.

“Identification of the deceased was held with participation of the consul and close friends. Employees of the diplomatic mission also visited M. Yuldashev, whose condition by doctors is still assessed as grave,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Currently, the police are investigating to identify the cause of the fire. The MFA press service reported that the situation related to the citizens of Uzbekistan is under the control of the embassy, which maintains contact with the leadership of the hospital Hanil and is working on the issue of sending the compatriot’s corpse to his homeland.