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22:40 / 18.05.2019 192

Modern pharmaceutical cluster based on South Korean experience to be created in Uzbekistan

The delegation of our country led by the Health Minister of Uzbekistan Alisher Shadmanov visited the Republic of Korea to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the development of pharmaceutical industry.

During the visit, A. Shadmanov met with the leadership of the Eulji University and clinic. In the course of the meeting, the Uzbek delegation spoke about the positive changes taking place in our country in recent years, in particular, about the development of medical tourism, created conditions for attracting foreign investors to the market of the republic. The Korean side declared its interest in establishing a university branch and clinic in our country. Also, the head of the Eulji University Hong Song Hee said that she plans to visit Uzbekistan in the near future to discuss further details on the implementation of this project. Following the talks, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding.

The delegation also got acquainted with the activities of the Biopharmcluster that has been operating for 20 years in the city of Osan. They learned about the work of pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, clinics, laboratories and venture funds located here. In turn, A. Shadmanov spoke about the development of the pharmaceutical industry and medicine in our country. He also noted that in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the South Korean model of healthcare development was taken as a basis and the experience of this method will be useful in creating a modern pharmaceutical cluster in our country, which is planned to be organized jointly with Korean colleagues.

After preliminary negotiations, the parties agreed to create a working group to prepare a Roadmap for the creation of a modern pharmaceutical cluster in Uzbekistan, which was reinforced by signing a memorandum of understanding between Uzbekistan's Minister of Health A. Shadmanov and Chairman of the Biopharmcluster of South Korea Park Gusun.

In general, the Uzbek delegation's visit to the Republic of Korea was informative and laid the foundation for strengthening bilateral cooperation.