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10:51 / 20.05.2019 155

Russia to give Uzbekistan VDNKh pavilion for perpetual use

Photo: mytashkent.uz

Uzbekistan will receive one of the pavilions on the territory of the VDNKh in Moscow for indefinite period, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky said at the V International MGIMO Alumni Forum held in Tashkent.

“In the beginning of the 50s, a very beautiful pavilion “Uzbekistan” had been built in the center of Moscow. It was a very popular pavilion, but in 1966, the “Soviet culture” pavilion was placed there, the Uzbek one moved to another place. In 2016, the building was transferred to the Ministry of Culture, now the restoration is being completed there,” the Minister said.

Vladimir Medinsky

“This pavilion will be handed over to the Republic of Uzbekistan for unlimited time for presentations of the country's best achievements. I hope in the near future, it will become the very place where we can meet with you in Moscow,” Medinsky quoted Vladimir Putin as saying. 

For information, the pavilion “Uzbekistan” was built in 1954. The main artistic element of its decoration is the motif of a cotton capsule. It is traced in the construction of all elements of the pavilion.