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21:45 / 10.06.2019 389

Ministry of Health takes measures to ensure protection of medical workers

The Ministry of Health commented on the video in which a man insulted and threatened the doctor.

According to the ministerial press service, the incident occurred on January 16 of this year at the emergency department of the Navbakhor district medical association in the Navoi region.

A resident of the “Arabkhon” mahalla, who had a four-month-old child, entered the emergency medical care unit of the hospital without following the line to meet the doctor on duty. Despite the fact that the doctor was examining a pregnant woman at that time, the man demanded that his child should be examined immediately. He insulted the doctor and threatened to beat him. At the same time, the doctor tried to explain to the resentful man that he was not a pediatrician. The pediatrician was in another department and was conducting a medical examination of a seriously ill child.

“Nevertheless, the man continued to make trouble. Later on, he returned home without showing the child to the doctor. Today, this child is healthy, receives planned vaccinations timely. He is under the constant supervision of local doctors,” the Ministry of Health reported.

At the moment, this case is being investigated by the Navbakhor district department of internal affairs.

“The Ministry of Health will continue to take appropriate measures within the framework of its authority in law to ensure protection of the rights of medical workers and protect them from all sorts of illegal actions. And we ask doctors to immediately contact the law enforcement bodies in the event of such unpleasant cases,” the Ministry said.