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List of food products exempt from VAT announced

The list of food products, sales of which are exempt from value added tax, have been amended. This is stipulated by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted on June 6, Spot writes.

If earlier rice (all varieties) and potatoes produced in the country were exempted from VAT, now it also concerns rice and potatoes, as well as seed potatoes that are imported.

If we consider that in January milk was exempted from VAT, the full list now looks like this:

1. Meat (beef, lamb, chicken), as well as animals (cattle and poultry) in a living form and products of their slaughter.
2. Fish
3. Potatoes, seed potatoes (including imported seed potatoes)
4. Onion
5. Eggs
6. Rice (all varieties, including imported rice)
7. Sugar (including imported sugar)
8. Bakery products
9. Milk