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21:20 / 13.06.2019 287

How peaceful is Uzbekistan? Global Peace Index answers

Despite all the conflicts and violence around the world, the Global Peace Index for the first time in the past five years has improved slightly.

Uzbekistan was ranked 102 in the rating, Tajikistan - 105, Kyrgyzstan - 95, Turkmenistan - 115 and Kazakhstan - 64. Among the neighboring countries, top five of the least “peaceful” countries were led by Afghanistan, which ranked 163rd.

Iceland retained the first place in the ranking, closely followed by New Zealand and Portugal respectively. Germany dropped by four positions - 22nd place. The USA ranked 128. Among the countries of the former USSR, Latvia (35th), Estonia (38th) and Lithuania (39th) have the best indicators.

Russia occupies 154th place between Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ukraine has risen by two positions and is now at the 150th place between North Korea and Sudan.  Belarus climbed 4 lines up (97th place).

For the first time in many years, Syria has risen one step up from the last place. The situation has deteriorated in Turkey, Yemen and Nicaragua. 

The Global Peace Index takes into account both internal - for example, the level of violence in the country and crime, and external factors - the country's international relations, military spending and other parameters.