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12:10 / 17.06.2019 366

Volume of remittances from Russia to Uzbekistan increases significantly

Uzbekistan has strengthened its leadership among the CIS countries in terms of remittances from Russia, according to data from the Central Bank of the RF.

In the first quarter of 2019, individuals transferred $818 million to Uzbekistan, of which only $340 million were sent by Russian citizens. In the same period last year, the amount was $726 million.

Uzbekistan as a whole has become one of the few countries where the amount of remittances has increased over the period in review.

Tajikistan ranks second in terms of remittances - $462 million (last year it was $487 million). Transmittals to Armenia was $209 million ($194 million last year).

At the same time, the volume of remittances from Uzbekistan to Russia has fallen significantly - $75 million, whereas last year it was $103 million.