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23:16 / 18.06.2019 371

Gov’t simplifies the rules for registration of pensions 

In Uzbekistan, the rules for registration of retirement pensions have been simplified. The corresponding order was registered at the Ministry of Justice.

“When assigning a retirement pension and benefits, a disability annuity and a one-time funeral allowance a certificate from the place of residence is not required,” the ministerial press service reports.

Also, the rules for registration of the pension on the occasion of loss of the breadwinner have been changed: instead of the original death certificate, one should provide its copy.

In addition, it has become easier in the country to apply for a one-time childbirth allowance. From now onwards, no copies of the employment record book and certificate of residence are required.

Earlier it was reported that in the republic from September 1, 2019, pegging of taxes and fines to the MMW would be cancelled. Instead, the minimum payout for labor (MPL) and base calculating amount (BCA) would be introduced. 

The following rates are planned to be used: 

minimum payout for labor (MPL) – 577,170 soums; 
base calculating amount (BCA) – 202,730 soums; 
calculating pension indicator (CPI) – 202,730 soums.