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16:20 / 20.06.2019 916

Uzbekistan Airways: We are not a monopoly

Uzbekistan Airways believes that the company is not a monopolist. This was announced today during a press conference by Umid Husanov, deputy director of the national airline.

“For some reason this question often arises. That's right, we are the only air carrier in the country, but we are not monopolists. We are not against other companies. Please let them come and open their offices. On the contrary, it is necessary to develop competition. Let them buy airplanes, find pilots, negotiate with other institutions and work,” he said.

Alisher Sattarov, Director of the Financial and Economic Department of Uzbekistan Airways, noted that the company provides cheaper services than Russian carriers.

“Last year, ticket prices for Moscow fell to 80 euros. Many Russian tourists prefer our services, although 9 airlines offer flights from Russia to Uzbekistan. People are choosing our company, which means they are satisfied with the services provided,” Sattarov noted.