14:12 / 24.06.2019
Uzbek soum recovery slows again as US dollar, Euro strengthen

The Central Bank (CB) of Uzbekistan has established new exchange rates of foreign currencies for the purpose of accounting, statistical and other reporting on foreign exchange transactions, as well as calculation of customs and other obligatory payments, which will be effective from June 25, 2019.

In accordance with the CB report, the US dollar increased in value by 26.60 soums and reached the mark of 8562.34 soums.

The euro also showed a considerable increase – 165.96 soums, and amounted to 9731.96 soums.

The Russian ruble grew by 2.77 soums and 1 ruble is now equal to 135.34 soums.

It should be noted that the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan does not undertake the responsibility of selling or buying those currencies at a fixed price.