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16:03 / 25.06.2019 280

Uzbekistan buys Russian “Tiger” armored vehicles

Photo: Wikipedia

The Armed Forces of Uzbekistan purchased a batch of the Russian “Tiger” multi-purpose armored vehicles. TASS reports about it with reference to a source.

Reportedly, several dozens of armored vehicles VPK-233136 “Tiger” were purchased in a special configuration. 

“Cars are refined at the request of special subdivisions of Uzbekistan. In particular, additional doors were equipped in the armored hull, protective grilles were mounted on all windows, and an infrared illuminator, folding armor protection around the front and rear hatches on the roof were installed. “Tiger” is equipped with PKM machine gun with a bore of 7.62 mm in an open installation,” the source said.

“These “Tigers” have managed to “show” themselves from a positive side. The vehicle can perform all tasks assigned to Special Forces Units and literally serve as their home. Not every armored car is capable of such a thing,” the source stressed.