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14:47 / 26.06.2019 322

Tashkent ceases to be the cheapest city in the world for expats

Tashkent has ceased to be the cheapest city for expats in the world, follows from the report of Mercer, the world's largest consulting organization in the field of human resources research, Spot writes.

The study, which has been carried out for 25 years, covers 209 cities and is intended for companies that send their employees to work abroad to calculate the costs correctly.

The cost of living was considered as a criterion, New York was used as a base city for comparison, and the US dollar was used as a currency. In addition, prices were considered for more than 200 items, from transport and clothing to household goods and entertainment.

The title of the most expensive city for expats has been retained by Hong Kong. Tokyo is in the second place, Singapore is third. The TOP-10 also included Seoul, Zurich, Shanghai, Ashgabat, Beijing, New York, Shenzhen.

The study notes that a cup of espresso coffee in Hong Kong costs about $8. For comparison, in Barcelona it is around $2, in Moscow - $5, in Shanghai - $6. Also, gasoline in Hong Kong costs $2 per liter. In most other countries - no more than $1.

The title of the cheapest city for expats was taken away from Tashkent and was given to Tunisia. The TOP-10 also includes Karachi, Bishkek, Banjul, Windhoek, Islamabad, Tbilisi and Skopje. The study notes that everything from food to housing in a prestigious area in these cities remains very cheap.

Earlier, Mercer named the most convenient cities in the world for living. Tashkent was in the 203rd place out of 231.