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22:38 / 28.06.2019 321

Shuttle import sharply declines in Uzbekistan

Photo: Shuhrat Latipov / «Газета.uz»

In Uzbekistan, shuttle import fell sharply, according to a report from the Central Bank.

Estimation of the value of goods imported and exported by individuals for resale, is calculated as the product of the number of “shuttle traders” and the average cost of goods imported and exported by them, formed on the basis of a quarterly survey conducted at border posts and airports in all regions of the country.

In the first quarter, the total volume of shuttle trade amounted to $97.7 million, of which $70.6 million came from imports. For comparison, in the first quarter of last year it was $243.8 million. Thus, the indicators of shuttle trade for the year decreased by almost 3 times.

Instead, official trade grew significantly – if in the first quarter of 2018 it was $6.6 billion, then this year it has already become $8.1 billion, of which import amounted to $4.7 billion.

Shuttle export declined slightly – from $31.3 million in January-March 2018 to $27.1 million in January-March 2019.

Last year, shuttle traders earned $1 billion in sales. The main volume fell on import – they imported goods for $842.9 million and exported for $213.2 million.