09:49 / 02.07.2019
Pension books transferred to e-format
Фото: State Services Agency

Citizens of Uzbekistan no longer need to preserve pension books, the official Telegram channel of the State Services Agency reported.

All information on the status of funds accumulated on an individual retirement account is available online. To get it, one needs to follow this link (for now it opens only from mobile devices), enter passport data, personal identification number of an individual (PIN FL) and phone number.

Opening of individual accumulative pension accounts and accumulative pension book is provided for in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law “On cumulative pension security of citizens”.

Earlier it was reported that the country has simplified the rules for registration of the pension age. The corresponding order was registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic. From now onwards, when assigning payments, no reference is required from the place of residence.