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20:44 / 03.07.2019 314

Belarus to invest $10 million in drug production in Tashkent

Belarus will invest $10 million in the drug production in Tashkent, follows from the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, published by the Ministry of Health. The Belarusian side has already opened a legal entity in the capital city - IP LLC “BELFARM”.

The investor will receive buildings and structures with a total area of 14,625 square meters with the adjacent territory of 2.0 hectares at “zero” cost. However, they will have investment and social obligations.

The project says that the territory belongs to the operational management of the Agency for development of the pharmaceutical industry under the Ministry of Health.

Belfarm investments will be spent on:

• repair and reconstruction of empty buildings, equipping with modern technological and testing equipment

• organization of production of sterile antibiotic powders (10 million bottles per year), solid dosage forms (500 million tablets, 60 million capsules and 6 million sachets per year) in accordance with the rules of good manufacturing practices (GMP);

• creation of a modern testing (physicochemical and microbiological) laboratory;

• creation of a modern warehouse for pharmaceutical products;

• Improving the adjacent territory;

As a result, at least 120 jobs will be created.