10:01 / 18.04.2024

Health Ministry revokes permission to import Rinotin Kids syrup

According to the importer, the shipment of the drug was damaged due to a faulty refrigerator.

Photo: med24.uz

The Ministry of Health has canceled permission to import Rinotin Kids syrup into Uzbekistan, the Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare reported.

Recently, information appeared on social networks about problems with the quality of children’s dietary supplements. According to users, mold was found inside the caps of the bottles.

The Sanitary and Epidemiological Committee drew attention to the complaints on Tuesday. Representatives of the department “within the framework of the law” analyzed the situation with the sale of Rinotin Kids in pharmacies.

Based on the results of the study, it was decided to cancel the import permit for Rinotin Kids “in order to prevent food poisoning among the population.” Also, batches of the drug were recalled from 28 pharmacies.

Synergy Pharmco, as the official importer, has been instructed to withdraw from sale batches of syrup produced by the Turkish Rad Gida Laboratuvarive Ilac Sanayi Ticaret Limited. She, along with the manufacturer, is responsible for the quality and safety of products, the committee noted.

The founder of Synegy Pharmaco, Daler Orziev, commented on the situation. According to him, we are talking about batches of Rinotin Kids syrup (with serial number 21011) and Fersikard Kids (serial number 22035) released in 2021.

“The product of these series was damaged due to a technical malfunction of the refrigerator during transportation. We have withdrawn our products in this series from pharmacies. It remains in some pharmacies, but we will eliminate this in the near future,” Orziyev said.

According to distributors, Rinotin Kids syrup is used as a dietary supplement and includes ascorbic acid, selenium, zinc and vitamin E. The drug, produced under license from the Italian Gricar Chemical, was supplied to Uzbekistan under a license dated April 2022.