20:06 / 05.07.2019
BCE officer beaten for disconnecting house electricity in Surkhandarya

A video has gone viral on social networks in which men beat an employee of the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement (BCE).

Reportedly, the incident was recorded in the Surkhandarya region. The video shows how a BCE employee lies on the ground and two men try to beat him. At the same time, one of the men kicks him on the head.

Another adult man and women tried to intervene and separate them, the BCE officer ran out of the house.

“Why did you enter the home and make a fuss? Why did you disconnect the electricity? You have to tell us that we have a debt, but you should not disconnect the electricity. People live here. I also once worked in this sphere,” the house owner said to the BCE employee.

It is not yet known where and when this incident was recorded.