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19:30 / 08.07.2019 309

Uzcard to increase tariffs for SMS information service

Mobile operators have increased the cost of SMS information services, the press service of Uzcard reported.

“We are informing you that from July 15, 2019, Uzbekistan’s mobile operators will be increasing the cost of an SMS information service.

From July 15, each incoming SMS from the short number 5800 (the LLC Play Mobile) will be 84.20 soums,” the company said.

It should be recalled that the company planned to increase the cost of the service in June of this year, but later they announced that the cost would remain unchanged (42.10 soums).

Various information is received through the number 5800 for card users: receipt of funds, payment for purchases, cash withdrawals and transfer of money from one account to another.  In order to receive an SMS, a bank card must be linked to mobile payment systems such as Click, PayMe, etc.