19:50 / 09.07.2019
Uzbekistan to take measures to prevent price increase of local cars
Photo: Igor Zarembo

Uzbekistan has developed a roadmap to prevent price increases for local cars, the Minister of Economy and Industry Botir Khodjayev said during an interview with “Uzbekistan 24”.

“Steps will be taken to set up production in a number of areas, including the production of air conditioning systems, air cleaning, heating, windshield wipers, and other measures related to the local production of spare parts and components,” Khodjayev says.

Also, in his opinion, an important issue is the managing the prices of components supplied by import for the production of our cars.

“Measures will be taken to reduce the cost of products from external suppliers – this is about 196 billion soums and from domestic producers – more than 200 billion soums,” Khodjayev added.

As a result, according to him, the prices for cars will remain at the same level.

It also provides for the exemption of local producers from excise tax, which is about 4%.

It should be recalled that in early June, it became known that Uzavtosanoat would not increase prices for cars this year.